Santa Grace's X-Mas Match (Event)

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Santa Grace's X-Mas Match (Event)

Post by Fynxy on Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:12 pm

Play a match, Collect the letters, Control the rebound and win tons of prizes in
Santa Grace’s X-mas Match!

Event Period: 12/23 – 1/5/2016

Event Mechanics:
1. Play a match and collect the event letters
(You can get up to 3 event letters every 2 minutes  per match)

2. Complete the letters and play the Special X-Mas Match!

3. The number of rebound you will have will be the amount of X-mas boxes
you will get.

**Note: You cannot get more that 25 boxes per X-mas Match

Possible Reward List:

  • Freestyle Ticket*4,
  • Point Sponsor (1d)
  • EXP Sponsor (1d)
  • Double up Sponsor (1d)
  • Megaphone
  • 100 Mileage Coupon
  • Card ball*3
  • Item ball*3
  • VIP Membership (30d)
  • OX Queen lv.12

Once you have completed the letters, you can start it all over again.

Get tons of free items from Santa Grace!

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