Planned changes to the forum

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Planned changes to the forum

Post by Fynxy on Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:07 pm

Hey there,

I'll leave this thread here to inform about all the changes we still plan to implement, so you know whats in the works.

  • Header: The header of the Forum atm "Seven Sins" in a curvy font is going to change sooner or later, you're more than welcome to create one though (just don't make it too small).

  • Main Menu: The "main menu" below the Header is going to change significantly with all new buttons eventually

  • Categories: Categories are always subject to change, if you got a suggestion throw it in

  • Background: The Background will change eventually into a more fsb theme related background (maybe related to seven sins)

  • General Icons: There are a ton of different icons i have to find or create some art for so there will be a lot of changes coming

That's it for now i guess

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